Monday, March 20, 2017

Double Dates – The Benefits, and How to Choose That Second Couple

The Quick Guide to Double Dates – The Benefits, and How to Choose That Second Couple
Double Date

Double dates aren’t really in style these days, nor have they ever been a really big trend – and that’s a shame. The concept has several benefits going for it that both new and old couples can experience; your date could even be a lovely Sydney escort, and your companions would be none the wiser. That’s how great a double date could possibly be.
So what exactly are these benefits?

1. New conversations. This is mostly for couples who’ve been together for some time, but it works just as well for new couples. There are only so many subjects you can cover, if it’s just two of you. However, with four people, you’ll have more possible opinions on one topic or another. You also won’t be stuck just talking about work, your families, and whatever you usually end up talking about on a date.
2. New outfits. You wouldn’t want to look scruffy next to the couple you’re double-dating with, so you’ll be more likely to pay attention to your outfit, compared to if it were just you and your partner going out. Since you’ll be more picky about what you wear, it’s obvious that your date will be equally picky, if not more so.
However, you wouldn’t want to be over-dressed, either. So a double date will ‘fix’ your wardrobe problem when it comes to dressing just right for the occasion.
3. Relationship advice. Going on a double date will help give you and your partner some perspective about how you treat each other, which can be a big deal if you’re going through a rough patch. If not that, it could be that you don’t feel as intimate or as close as before.
By seeing how another couple behaves around each other, especially if they’ve been together for as long as you have, you’re likely to pick up a few pointers.
As great as these benefits are, though, they can only come about if you pick the right couple to have that double date with.
First, you don’t want to go out with a couple you barely know, because the date may become something more like showing off, as though you’re trying to prove you’re the better couple. That puts unnecessary stress on you and your partner.
Second, a couple you’re very close to may make the date uncomfortable, especially if you’re close enough that they know about any difficulties you and your partner have experienced, or are experiencing.
This means that, the couple you go out with for that double date should be one that you’re reasonably close to, as well as one you genuinely like and respect. A colleague and his fiancée, for instance, is a good choice because now you can bond outside of work.
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