Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bunbury Escorts Sex Tips. Enjoyable Shower Sex

A Change of Setting To Spice Up The Romance – Tips For An Enjoyable Shower Sex

Have you ever thought that this joyous holiday season could also be a great time to try new things in your love-life? Well yes, nothing spices up the romance like a change of perspective. Yet, it doesn't necessarily mean leaving home.

With the holidays coming up, pretty sure many are already planning to implement some novelty in their sexual romps. Perhaps, it's a good idea to do shower sex with your ladylove or if not, with a high class private Bunbury escorts.  

But wait, the shower can be a dangerous place if the venture isn't properly planned. It's imperative that you prioritise safety before you hop in and steam up the bathroom. Don't spoil the fun and just enjoy your wet moves by taking these practical tips into account.

Safety Tips In The Shower
  • For a romantic ambiance
Of course, sex would be great in a very relaxing and safe ambiance. Stash away your razor and make sure that soaps and shampoos are on the rack to avoid accidentally stepping on them. A non-slip mat on the shower floor could save you both from slipping.
To pamper your sultry mate, perk up your bathroom with goodies. Choose an invigorating shampoo and tingly body wash, provide a loofah, soft wash-cloths and a few extra towels. Lighting and fragrance may not really be of much significance but some scented candles and soft sexy music will add romance to the ambiance.
Last on the list is the door lock. You don't want anyone barging in while you and her are in the heat of the moment. Mood killer! So, be sure the door locks.
  • Use the right stuff
Just because it's the bathroom, you could use whatever is at hand like you would if you were in between the sheets. For instance, your body wash or hair conditioner may smell great but for heaven's sake, don't try using it as lube. And your soap, while good for the entire body isn't really helpful when applied to your private parts. Worse, don't ever loofah your genitals.
  • Do only the suitable sex positions
If you're both on the heavy side, never attempt lifting or even yoga-bending. If you're not of the same height, try having the shorter one stand on the edge of the tub, with hands on the wall for a stable posture, while the taller one stands on the floor. Make sure no one hangs on to the shower curtain rod.
For a shift, let her flex her back with hands on the edge of the tub while you do the scrubbing and kneading from behind, and vice versa. Lastly, just be contented with sitting or lying on the floor and getting busy.

Showering together may appear simple and easy but in reality, it's challenging. For first timers, don't be shocked ending up with minor bruises, head injury, soap lather in your eyes, minor flooding inside the bathroom, including the possibility of being 'left out in the cold' - out-of-reach of the water if you only have one shower head.  
You and your girl can feel the bond with every novel experience. Make the most of the cheery holidays by experimenting sex outside of the traditional venue. For more hot tips, consult the Bunbury escorts.

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