Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Want to Give Her the Best Sex Experience? Try These 5 Tips Then!

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Have you tried making love with a woman and thought that the experience was great? However, later on, you found out that it wasn’t? Well, according to MelbourneEscorts, that’s because you might have not nailed her on the spot. Probably you weren’t doing things that can actually make her come. Or perhaps, you were too busy focusing on the penetration that you forgot how to stimulate her the right way.

You see, these are just some of the many reasons why women experience bad sex. If you don’t want this to happen (ever) again, then man up and do the right thing. Below are some sex tips to get you going. Read on!

Give Her a Treat Downtown

Yes, she can tell when you flinch or seem hesitant about going down on her. But even if it isn’t your favourite thing to do, it’s the best way for most women to reach orgasm, so you’ll have to learn to enjoy it. Because when she’s happy, you’re happy, right?

Be Perfectly Clean All the Time

Just as you’re more inspired to indulge her in some oral action when you know she’s just washed, women are also more turned on by a tidy man. Seeing you showered, shaven, smelling good with a clean t-shirt on and with freshly brushed teeth is like foreplay to her.

Try to Finish the Race Together With Her

As already mentioned by articles to articles, women take time to climax. Men, however, are much quicker. Orgasmically speaking, she is the tortoise to your hare. So if you climax first, no matter how tired you are, you’re responsible for helping her over the finish line. The best tactic? Head south with your mouth. In fact, your hands can be of huge help in terms giving her the best fingering trick.

Go For the Other Erogenous Spots

Yes, the breasts and pubic area are obvious hot-spots but they get a lot hotter when stimulated in conjunction with other areas. Try kissing and gently stroking her neck, back, stomach and inner thighs. The best way to do this? Well, simply respond to her moan. If she tries to beg for more, tease. Make her anticipate. For sure, she will scream your name!

Know That She’s Unique

Learning about sex in a general sense is important, but it’s just as important to realize that different things work for different women. What one woman likes won’t necessarily be a hit for another. Any time you’re with someone new, get to know her body, just as you would get to know about her as a person. When you’re being intimate, ask her what she wants and likes (even simple questions like “Is this a good stroke?” are helpful).

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