Wednesday, August 3, 2016

4 Popular Adult Film Stars That Every Guy Should Look Up To

Who would have thought that watching porn could be so “educational”? While thousands of men and women enter the booming porn industry each year, not all of them stand out and make an impact, not only in the bedroom, but in society as well. Here's a brief yet insightful look at 4 adult porn stars that every guy should look up to (and drool with delight!).

Adult Film Star Asia Carrera
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Asia Carrera

Have you ever heard of Asia Carrera? If you're not familiar with her yet, perhaps your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Young Escorts Melbourne will know more about her than you do!

Asia Carrera (Jessica Steinhauser in real life) chose her stage name to highlight her Asian heritage, as her father is Japanese. Her career spanned from 1993 to 2003, where she starred in over 250 films like Anal Adventures of Suzy Superslut 1.

She's also famous for having an IQ of 156, as she attended Rutgers University and double-majored in Japanese and Business. However, she didn't finish her full degree, as she made more money from stripping, and shooting porn films (Now that’s a truly intelligent porn star!)  

Adult Film Star Belle Knox

Belle Knox

Belle Knox is another pretty and sexy, and truly brainy porn star. When she was 18, she went into porn just to sustain her tuition at Duke University, which ran up to $60,000 per year.   

However, when a fellow student recognised her, she was forced to leave Duke. When stories about the pretty “Duke porn star” went viral, interest in her soared, and so did her porn career!

Adult Film Star Asa Akira
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Asa Akira

Asa Akira is hailed for being one of the biggest Asian porn stars in the industry, where she starred in movies like Vajazzled, Pure and Buttwoman vs Slutwoman.  She once worked as a stripper, and part-time radio contributor.

Apart from listing double penetration as one of her best skills, this Japanese-American porn queen has also published two popular books about the industry, and has hosted various podcasts and reality shows too.

Sunny Leone

Adult Film Star Sunny Leone
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Hailed as one of the porn industry's most popular faces, Sunny Leone came from the sleepy Canadian town of Sarnia, and is of Indian descent. She initially posed for Penthouse, after which industry bigwig Vivid Entertainment signed her up, where he starred in popular lesbian porn flicks such as The Female Gardener and Sunny Loves Cher.

And even after Sunny retired from making porn, she continues to make a career, in Bollywood! Perhaps you and your hookup partner, or lovely Young Escorts Melbourne, should check out her Bollywood movies!

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