Sunday, August 16, 2015

Female Masturbation Secrets That Today's Men Need To Know

Most guys think that masturbation is the same for both sexes. Well for men  it's quite easy, because when they jerk off, they hold their shaft with a firm grip, the fingers are clenched and the hands move in a rough up-and-down motion. Women however, have more time to prep-up and be in the mood, before they reach an orgasm. Here are a couple of female masturbation secrets that today's guys need to be fully aware of.

Women Explore Their Whole Body
Ask your girlfriends or the lovely Escort Girls in Australia how they view the art of masturbation, and you'll be surprised to find out a lot of new, eye-popping details!

While guys just have one tool at their disposal when masturbating, women prefer to make it a more “full-body” activity. According to lovely 22-year old Florence, “Women tend to stimulate the whole body more, and these include the neck, breasts, arms and labia. I could also massage my nipples or inner thighs first, before zeroing on the genitals.”

She adds, “Men are generally okay with the beginning, middle and end focus on their penis, and nothing else!” So when girls jerk off, they're actually stimulating the whole body, and not just one part!   

A Woman's Touch Is Softer
We all know that men have a stronger, tighter grip, and it applies to how they masturbate. On the other hand, women tend to be gentler, slower and more subtle.   

Lovely blonde “Lisa” tells us, “The way I masturbate is as gentle as how I rub or fix my eyelashes. You'd pull the eyelid back and gently use the fingertip to rub around. That's how soft you should touch a woman's clitoris.”  

Ladies Prep Differently Than Men
Guys can easily get horny, and they even get erections any time and anywhere. Whether it's in a filthy gas station toilet or in a ball park's locker rooms, all they need to do is stand, and start rubbing or fondling their member.  

But for women, timing means everything! Most women will require some time to pull out a special lubricant, or perhaps light up a few scented candles, or take a bath, before starting any self-pleasure regimen. This shows that most women need their heads to be there, and if there are any major distractions then it can throw them off the mood quickly!  

Guys can masturbate as often as they want. According to new research, 25 percent of guys masturbate at least 3 times a day, while 55 percent do it at least once a month. However, only 10 percent of ladies pleasure themselves at least 3 times a week!

So before you start getting rough on your girlfriend, or the lovely Real Escorts Australia you're dating, make sure you keep these crucial bits of information in mind!

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