Sunday, May 10, 2015

Men: What You Can Learn From A Woman's Orgasm

Woman having an Orgasm
Giving pleasure to your woman maybe one of your favourite things to do, but that's not the end of the story altogether. When you really think about it, giving your woman an orgasm will teach you some important things about her.

Giddy up warrior, as touring escorts Australia teach you some integral things about her orgasm:

Understand that female orgasm is never a sure thing – it's like a unicorn, sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't.

Even the most handsome man on the planet won't give her woman orgasm every time they have sex. So don't kick yourself when you noticed your girl have not orgasmed during one or two instances.

There are two types of orgasm a woman reaches – clitoral and vaginal. Delivering one of them should be enough, but that still depends on what your partner prefers. Clitoral ejaculation is more achievable, as this can be administered through oral sex. Vaginal, on the other hand, is only possible with insertion.

When you're really lucky, she can have both - clitoral and vaginal ejaculation – while you're in her.

Make her know that there is no pressure.

As much as men worry about ejaculating so fast, women also worry about orgasming taking long. Fortify your relationship by securing your partner that there is no pressure is tantamount to making her relax.

A relaxed demeanour when it comes to sex is a more conducive environment for her to really get into it. Don't worry studies shows that a woman will reach orgasm by 15 to 40 minutes. The trick now is to last that long, or prep her up through oral sex before intercourse.

Appreciate her.

Women are always worrying about how they look. Even when having sex. Especially when having sex. That's why when she's not feeling good about herself, she won't orgasm.

What’s the remedy? Appreciate her curves, the way she looks, how shiny her skin is. Make passing remarks that will flatter her. Work your way through her heart and her clitoris through sincere praise.

Look at her when you make those remarks and for sure, fifteen minutes inside her, she'll be quivering like a leaf.

Learn her angle.

Every woman has her own angle. Learn it. Hit it. Hit it more. Hit it hard. When you found that sweet spot, make it a religion to bring the most pleasure she can get out of it. This is the one place which you have the power to manipulate – it's your dick and you and nothing else. Make it work.

Touring escorts Australia recommend that when giving it to her; simultaneously knead her areolas to intensify her orgasm.

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