Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Inventive Ways For Treating Delayed & Early Ejaculation

With stress, pollution and other social issues wreaking havoc on our family (and private) lives, it's no wonder that many people are now suffering from a wide array of sexual health problems. And with the problems of the outside world creeping into our bedroom lives, more men are reported to suffer from problems like low libido, and delayed/early ejaculation. While the time from initiating sexual contact to ejaculation varies from one person to another, what worries health experts is that their numbers are steadily rising. Here are a couple of inventive methods for treating this health issue.

The Physical Causes, & Effects, Of Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is defined as the inability, or struggle, of a man to reach an orgasm, and ejaculate semen. The health issue is often diagnosed when the guy experiences the inability to ejaculate for at least 6 months, or if there's a marked delay or infrequency in achieving an ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculations are believed to be brought about by a wide array of factors. Among these include the use of certain medications (anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs, painkillers, blood pressure medications, and others), excessive alcohol or illicit drug use, nerve damage (either brought about by surgery, spinal cord injury, severe diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke), and increasing age.

And while some guys and girls take pleasure in an extended intercourse, many do not like being in such a situation. Some partners may feel rejected,  while others get angry and frustrated at their inability to ejaculate. Many women also complain that extended sexual intercourse causes pain and injuries, and the sexual activity could also be halted due to physical exhaustion or discomfort.

Majority of men who endure delayed ejaculation also suffer from anxiety and depression, because they're unable to satisfy their spouse, girlfriend or favorite Sydneys escort.  For married couples, the guy's inability to ejaculate can lead to psychosocial distress, and relationship strains, especially for those who are planning to start a family.

Signs, Symptoms & Negative Effects of Early Ejaculation

Early ejaculation (which was formerly called “premature” ejaculation”) refers to the uncontrolled ejaculation, either before or just after sexual penetration. It is brought about by a wide range of factors, whether physical or psychological.

The psychological causes of early ejaculation include anxiety and depression, feelings of guilt or despair, marital problems and work-related stress. The medical causes include hormonal problems, the use of certain drugs, and bodily injury.

There are many ways for treating early ejaculation. The doctor or health care expert may recommend curbing (or stopping) the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs in some men. Other patients may require enrolling in relaxation classes and sessions such as Yoga or CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), while other techniques employ distraction methods for helping men delay ejaculation.

The other treatment options for early ejaculation include using condoms to substantially reduce penis sensation, as well as trying out a different position during sexual intercourse. Counseling may also be required to help reduce the anxiety and depression related to early ejaculation.

New, and more innovative, approaches are now being rolled out as healthier alternative treatments for delayed and early ejaculation. Among the revolutionary methods includes mindfulness, which is a form of meditation. Proponents say that mindfulness helps enhance intuition, self-insight, and all the functions related to the brain's middle prefrontal lobe area. It's also been noted to improve sexual performance.

Guys who suffer from delayed or early ejaculation could also join sex therapy sessions, so they can discuss and explore the emotional or psychological issues related to relationships and sexuality. These new therapies should help them eliminate the problems or rapid or delayed ejaculation, and enable them once again to have a good time in bed with their spouses, or with their preferred Sydneys escort.

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