Monday, May 11, 2015

2 Straight-Up Abs Exercises That Will Get You Ripped Fast

Shape up for Summer
It's summer. You know what that means? Stripping down to your boardies.

Yeah, we get your sentiment about that too. Let's picture you: a working man, likes eating out on the weekends, have a bit of a belly, happy and contented. You work out every now and then but that's  not your priority. You keep your body healthy, and you feel healthy. But your abdominal muscles are nothing to write home about.

Until now that is! Making your abdominal muscles more pronounced has a science and chemistry behind it. No matter how many sit-ups you make every day, your muscles won't show when you're still eating the same food groups you're used to. Abdominal muscles-building isn't all about building muscles alone; part of the chemistry behind it is to the burn the fat that hides the muscles too.

In a survey with women, the most important muscle they want to see in a man is the abs. Yeah, no surprise over there. But believe it or not, only 30% of men worldwide have abs, and half of that number are abs built in the gym.

Having your abs built is also beneficial to your overall health, and sex, for that matter. A leaner, more pronounced mid-section is scientifically proven to increase testosterone and libido. It also helps in the sack, as it keeps refractory periods shorter. When having sex with, say, a red hot escort Brisbane, your abs will get you through the second and third round. Happy ending, ain't it?

So here are 2 abs exercises for your abs to show:

Laid-down bicycle exercise

Laid-down bicycle

Perform this trick by laying down, pulling up your upper body then lifting your feet to an L-position. Make your mid-section feel the tension every time to pull up, and hollow your stomach.

This increases the tension both on the lower and upper abs. One of the problems with most ab exercises, like traditional sit-ups, is it only focuses on the first four muscles on the rectus abdominus.

The lower abs are important in order to create more tension in the body. When you exercise the lower abs, you increase the likelihood of working out the entire abdominal muscles. Also, when lower abs are engaged, they consequently burn down fat.

Concentrated cardio

Concentrated cardio

One of the most important parts of making those abs protrude is to break down and sweat the layers of fat that covers it.

 In order to do so, losing fat all over the body is needed. You can only do this through concentrated cardio. Running at least 3o minutes to 1 hour every day is helpful for this cause.

Advance trick: red hot escorts Brisbane advices to run every morning. This way fat will be burnt and not carbohydrates.

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