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5 Most Common, Annoying, and Deceiving Oral Sex Myths

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For some couples, talking about oral sex isn't a normal thing to do (although there are some who are open to it). Whether both of them are sexually active, yet being oriented with regards to other forms of lovemaking like oral sex could make them both uncomfortable trying such sex acts. This is perhaps the reason why oral sex myths keep annoying most partners.

Here are 5 of the most unbelievable oral sex myths:

1. Oral sex can result in pregnancy 

Pregnancy results when a man's sperm interacts with the egg in a woman's fallopian tube. This means, oral sex can't ever make a lady pregnant, even though she swallows the man's sticky semen. 

2. Oral sex is a SAFE sex 

Most people usually think that oral sex can't provide you with any sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs). But that's not actually TRUE. Unprotected oral sex opens you to the danger of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis, HPV and HIV. Use a condom or a dental dam to shield you from these illnesses.

3. Oral sex can't send you to climax 

Vaginal or    isn’t the only lovemaking forms that can make you orgasm. Oral sex does the same pleasure too. Indeed, researches and studies have shown that numerous ladies find it easier to climax with cunnilingus than vaginal sex. 

4. Swallowing semen is usually harmful

The truth is swallowing men's cum cannot cause any harm, but of course if it doesn't come from someone who is infected by STIs. Semen basically contains a few sugars and proteins – substance that don't result harm by themselves. 

5. Oral sex is not hygienic 

The ravishing high class escorts in Australia believe that oral sex won't become unhygienic if couples follow a constant habit of ultimate cleanliness. But if ever both of them end the day sweaty and sticky, they should remember to hop in into the shower together and delicately wash themselves before engaging in some oral sex! 

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