Monday, November 17, 2014

Melbourne Escorts – Dancing and Alcohol: Perfect Stimulator for an Enchanting Sex

Melbourne Escorts
Your exquisite date tonight from Melbourne Escorts happens to be a delight on the dancing floor. Right there inside the club, you pick up a cosy corner table for yourselves. A few drinks and then you're off to the dancing zone.

Dancing and Alcohol Heat You Up

The fast pounding music and light buzzes you made in her ears were an invite to flirt. Further, the dirty dancing allowed you both to touch and caress each other's body and you know you're turning each other on. 

After some gyrating and clashing of bodies, you're back at the table with more drinks and this time, with passionate kissing. In the dark, your fingers tease between her legs and she lets out a lusty moan. The alcohol and dancing are heating you up, and needless to say, you now want to have some private place of your own to satisfy the arousal.

As she inserts the key into the lock, you circle her waist with your arms and press your hard cock against her butt. As soon as you were inside, she pushes you up against the door; obviously her cunt is begging you to fill it with your shaft. But, no, she has another idea in mind.

Seduction by Striptease

She pushes you down to the lounging chair, lights up two electric candles, and then played the flirty CD music in her player. She rises up on her feet, and started to sexy dance, her body swaying, hips gyrating, hands sliding down and caressing her own body.  Then slowly, she removes her clothes piece by piece until only the satin panties remain.

She takes note of your own erection, your shaft straining to escape the tight material of your briefs. She raises both hands, as if to better display bouncy tits, throwing an invite to suck and nibble on. Then she approaches you and straddles over your hips, kissing you deeply, her tongue probing your mouth. She keeps her hands busy massaging the bulge through your trousers.  

Then she slides down to kneel between your legs, undoing your buckle, button and zipper. In one mighty tug, everything is taken off. She grabs your cock, squeezing it gently before licking it and thrusting it deep into her throat.

A perfect way for steamy sex with the perfect dream date! The night starts with dancing and some alcohol and ends up with an enchanting sex with your delightful dancing queen from Melbourne Escorts