Friday, October 24, 2014

3 Lustful But Potent Strategies For Reviving A Ridiculously Sleepy Sex Life

Most guys wrongly assume that love-making is so quick and smooth. The challenge is that lots of girls already think their guys are becoming so unexciting in bed. So instead of being terribly disappointed, and just forget all that happened last night, Private Girls in Australia has a number of interesting tips on how to twist an otherwise dull evening of sex into something genuinely memorable, and truly torrid.

Add Some Lust To Your Love Life

One element that makes sex boring and totally unsatisfying is the emotional detachment amongst spouses. If you and your partner feel that the sex has become so dreary, that you're already used to counting the ants on the ceiling, why not try incorporating a little lust into your love life?

The lust and longing however must evolve naturally, and it can't be coached or influenced. Try telling your partner sleazy stuff that you'll only encounter in smut movies like “I'd like to see you come”, “you're so fucking horny”, along with other erotic phrases. And although you and your spouse will encounter some off-days, sit back and don't quickly leap to conclusions. Just make sure you learn from your previous errors in bed.

Take It Slow & Easy

Many guys often worry that they'll easily come in bed. To prolong the tryst, why not try to take it slow and easy, and do something else (like stroke and buss her hip and legs and legs), instead of driving your rod straight to her slippery love hole. Guys could master how to lengthen their ejaculation by relaxing, and jacking off slowly for 20 minutes or so.

To effectively slow things down, couples could expend time fondling, nibbling and petting each other (in other parts of the body, until they both begin to get stirred. For example, dudes could massage their spouse's clitoris with short, and long strokes by employing their fingertips or tongue. Try to remind your partner to tell you if she's already attained an 8 or 9, on a happiness scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the sleaziest.

Another great way to liven up a generally drab sex life would probably be to begin getting naughty early in the day. You could contact your sweetheart at work (or in school), and tell him or her what you'd like to do to them in bed tonight when they get home. By regularly carrying out this, Private Girls Australia adds that both of you will be thinking of nothing but hot & steamy sex for hours.