Friday, August 30, 2013

The 2013 Australian Adult Industry Awards Winners.

Best Adult Website - Private Grils Australia.
2013 Best Adult Website - Private Girls Australia.

Private Girls Australia made it on top of the list in the adult industry by winning as the Best Adult Website for 2013. The celebrated Australian Adult Industry Awards was held last August 28, 2013 at Sofitel, Melbourne which has been participated by the various brothels of the adult industry. 
The grandiose event showcases how the Australian Adult Industry grows tremendously and will continuously skyrocket the adult business. The aim of this important event is to introduce the business with ascertained legitimacy for the industry and partakers.
The prestigious award manifested on how a website aims only for excellence in providing customer service and a guarantee of professional stunning escorts. The best escort directory website does not solely rely on being just an ordinary website for the adult industry. 
The website opens the realms of reality in every facets of companionship. It introduces us to a world of being love without the requirement of being attached. 
It also educates people on how this business creates a big difference to a certain individual. The focal point here is not to gain sensuality; but rather the connection that binds two persons. It develops a certain point of being valued as an individual by showing respect to one another. 
Christine McQueen is the most recognised Australia’s Top Elite Independent Escort and was awarded as Best Escort Sole Operator for the Australian Adult Industry Awards 2013. Christine’s credits include Penthouse magazine and Hustler Centrefold among other men’s magazine pin-up spreads.
The gifted courtesan poses a stunning cover girl face, mesmerizing blue eyes, and soft, pouty lips with an incredible body that will surely amaze you.  She is very elegant and dresses exquisitely. She is a lively conversationalist and a caring listener - a true beauty inside and out. 

Congratulations! Private Girls Australia and Christine McQueen. 

2013 Australian Adult Industry Awards Winners? click here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bunbury Escorts For You: Orgasmic Pleasure For Us Both

Bunbury Escorts
Men are easily gratified in bed. They are biologically designed for a higher sex drive than women. Their instinct motivates them to consistently think about sex. Because men are molded to be the wildest creatures in bed, you can now feast your fantasies in a platter full of explosive exchange of bodily fluids with Bunbury escorts arousal services.

The Scene

Drive yourself crazy in bed while watching her ultimately climax for pleasure. Through this, your erotic sensation will come into action -- allowing your imagination to roam around every inch of her.  
She can give you a theatrical performance on how to stimulate her down there by putting on a red stiletto, no underwear, perked up breasts while wearing only a white unbuttoned polo shirt.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vote Private Girls Australia as Best Adult Website on!

Vote Private Girls Australia as Best Adult Website

We say thank you to the Australian Adult Industry Awards for nominating us as one of ‘The Best Adult Websites’.

For years now, Private Girls Australia has been a household name in the adult entertainment industry. Serving thousands of clients every year for the last five years and counting, Private Girls is truly a bachelor’s haven filled with the most desirable girls in the country.

The founder of Private Girls Australia, has been through the vicissitudes of the industry. She has worked out a great solution for marketing escorts online. Starting the website from scratch, Serena worked hard to achieve her success and her present stature she dedicates to those she met along the way and her ability to work fairly and consistent in her ways and ideals with the clients.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Private Girls Australia: Why Do You Need To Date An Escort?

There are countless reasons why a man takes a woman for a date. One apparent motive why men would exert an extra effort to go on a date is because of companionship. Through the process of dating, we necessarily observe that men are trying to be build friendship as this will lead to a potential relationship.
This is how we usually observe in a dating procedure. But what if the girl you have been dating for many times won’t fall for you? Also, there are men who cannot go on a date due to their hectic schedules. Getting a date is not a piece of cake especially if you wish for her to stay. You definitely need to create a strategy to impress her.
Private Girls Australia Info Graph
5 Reasons to Choose Private Girls Australia.