Sunday, July 7, 2013

Transexual Escorts Melbourne Confessions: Escort for Couples to Get the Best of Both Worlds

In this time and day, more and more people are getting more adventurous when it comes to sex and pleasure. Transexual escorts Melbourne offers the best of both worlds – leaving you with the wildest memories… a satisfaction beyond your deepest carnal desires.

Hi I’m Georgia, one of the most in-demand pre-op transvestites in Transexual Escorts Melbourne, I don’t usually do confessions. But this one client was really special that other partners might get some interesting ideas from them.  One day, I was booked as an escort for couples.

There was this couple that were having a hard time getting along with each other, though they were on a verge of a break up, they still wanted to be together and try to save what was left of their partnership. The problem – both Mr. and Ms. X were too strung out on their work that every time they try to get together, things just ended up in a messy fight. They were too frustrated, and nothing romantic was working until they visited the website ( and booked me out of curiosity.

So everything was arranged and we finally met. We had a light meal and some wine while talking – my idea, just to get them comfortable talking. And I got them talking. The first thought I came up with was an erotic massage, and both were cool with it. Ms. X however, was not comfortable having Mr. X fuck me. So I laid out what I have planned for them.