Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Transsexual Escorts Melbourne Confessions - Some Good Loving with a Hired Trannie Escort

Transsexual Escorts Melbourne Confessions
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Nothing can give as much eroticism in dating and pleasure as the gorgeous transsexual escorts Melbourne has to offer.  Take pleasure in this sizzling confession brought to you by our trans escort girls…

On our first date, hours of flirting and a little touching, made Jack so hot over me that as soon as we entered our hotel room he had to feel my shecock pulsating underneath my classy long dress. His sensual fingers exploring me turned my knees into jelly that I had to collapse unto his wide muscular chest… breathless. Pieces of clothes and pairs of shoes were slowly peeled off. As I clung to his neck, he gave me a wild kiss that knocked the senses out of me.

Jack kept a strong grip around my tiny waist as we kissed, pressing against each other and gyrating… feeling each other’s arousal. He continued to feverishly hump against me, as I stopped him to slide down and take his donger into my warm mouth to lick and suck. While taking it deep into my throat and out of my mouth… I moaned for added vibration. He stood so proud and excited as he watched in sexual delight, while a beautiful Goddess gags on his doodle, all the while playfully sliding his toes over my swelling crotch.

As I slowly licked his precum milking out, he slowly took me up and led me to bed. On our way, we stopped over by the mirror to look at my hot ass – pink little titties, curvaceous body, and my arousal hanging beautifully between my legs. He generously showered kisses from my lips to my tits, and around my torso, all the while murmuring how fine I looked. His mouth found its way into my puckerhole… licking away, wetting my crack as his hands rubbed my strong thighs.

Then he entered me roughly, pumping away with only sweet thoughts of pleasure in his head. Deeper and deeper, he went. Like a madman, he dominated me taking me from the bed, to the couch, the floor… and when he was almost there, I made him cum into my mouth, loving the way he looked.

That sweet look of satisfaction is what I so love about my professional trade.

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