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Thai Escorts Melbourne: Oral Sex for Deprived Men

Morning Sickness
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There is a new twist to curing morning sickness. Where before, home remedies like drinking lemon, ginger ale and peppermint tea can alleviate nausea and reduce vomiting, today the discovery of gulping down sperm is said to relieve nausea and stop vomiting.
Most women in their first trimester of pregnancy suffer from these discomforts. Preggies cannot just take any prescription drugs to get rid of morning sickness as it could pose as a health hazard to both the mother and baby. Unfortunately, even natural home remedies sometimes cannot give effective relief.

ORAL SEX. CURE for morning Sickness
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Today, one medical professional by the name of Dr. Gordon Gallup, a SUNY-Albany psychologist, believes oral sex and sperm can cure the discomfort. However, take note that it is not just any sperm; it should be the sperm of the baby’s biological father.
The semen is thought to be the cause of morning sickness, so it is but natural to also cure it with semen. It is like following the principle of ‘like treating like’.
His theory states that pregnant women became ill within the first 3 months of pregnancy precisely because of their bodies’ rejection of the semen’s genetic material. The body feels the semen is a foreign material so it has to be eliminated by vomiting. Hence, in order to build up a tolerance, the solution is to ingest sperm through oral sex.
What’s interesting in Gallup’s theory is that semen offers anti-depressant qualities to pregnant women. So, if you want your partner to stay healthy, then provide her with the necessary juices. With sex, you will not only make her feel wanted but also contribute to the fulfilment of her sexuality.
Pregnancy should not be a reason for passing up sex. Experts say you can enjoy a safe comfortable lovemaking for as long as you want to even when your wife is pregnant.
Nevertheless, remember to have it only when the pregnancy is normal. Various sex positions should not in any way, harm the little creature inside. However, should your partner feel very uncomfortable with having sex, then let her be. However, you should not be deprived of happiness.
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