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Tasmania Escorts Online: Setting Your Sex Life on Fire

bored with sex life.
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Are you bored with your sex life? Perhaps you and your partner are already burn-out in your respective jobs that when you get home, the best thing you can do is get on the bed and snore. Or you think that you’ve become too familiar with each other that exploring your loved one has become meaningless. They say that eating the same menu over and over again loses one’s appetite.
The same holds true for sex. It’s good for couples who find their sex routine boring to discover new and exciting ways to spice up their sexual lifestyle. You don’t have to ‘follow the rules’. If only to keep the fire burning, you can be odd and be more aggressive in your lovemaking ways.

A couple with a healthy sexual life usually has a life-long relationship. Here are some sizzling ideas from Tasmania Escorts Online which you might want to try:
Setting your sex life on fire
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·      Let her take charge.
Get naughty by putting your ladylove in the driver’s seat. Let her drive you to anywhere you like with her grinding, gyrating and pumping on top of you. Let your hands roam and explore her erotic zones. Gently massage her breasts in the palm of your hand. Trace her neck with your moist tongue up to the tips of her breasts and you’ll soon find the tips hard. Feast your eyes on her curvaceous body while you gently stroke her wet inner thighs with your finger.

·      Have an illicit affair with you partner.

Presume having a forbidden affair with your partner. Start with meeting him in some cosy restaurant for a romantic candle- lit dinner. Reminisce the first date you had with her, her tantalizing eyes stimulating your desire to have sex with her right there and then. Then, after some discreet petting, you rush out to check-in to some motel to start your mind- blowing sexual adventure.

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·      Role play.

Having sexual fantasies can easily create sparks. You can perform sexual role playing to intensify those lustful excitements. Dress up to be a doctor and your partner as the patient. Or be a professor and she, the student. Get into a cop’s attire and make her your captive.

make love somewhere
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·      Make love somewhere.

Bedrooms are outdated. For a steamy sex, why not do it in the living room, on the couch or the kitchen table, in the hot tub or a salacious quickie in the car and garage. Try seating her up on your lap with her back to your face so you could cup her breasts freely with one palm while the other one strikes her middle. She can press her weight on your manhood and rub against it back and forth to keep you flaming. Or standing, press her back against the wall, place her leg over your hip so you can have a good access of her pussy which you can gently caress with your finger.

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