Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tamworth Escorts: Sex on the Go

Tamworth Escorts Phone Sex
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If you are away on a business travel, do you feel exhausted and bored because you are already missing your partner? A little phone sex might do the trick! Just the thought of caressing your love’s erotic zones and hearing her groans and moans in response would be enough to arouse your masculinity.

For couples who are physically separated because of work or for any other reason, there could be nothing better than having phone sex – to stay connected.

Yes, phone sex is the perfect way for couples who want to spice up their relationship despite the distance. What is exciting during phone sex is that you can utter things that you might not be able to articulate straight to your partner’s face during your lovemaking.

Tamworth Escorts shares with you some top secrets for stirring that fiery passion up.
Begin with a simple phone call to say hi. Then you could start heating her up by sending a sexy photo with a comment that you like her to be that sexy when you get home.

To get you both stimulated, tell her you are starting to see her delicious body in a see- through gown. Great foreplay!

Get yourself erected by saying you missed the lovemaking you had together in the shower, or that sensational quickie you had in the hallway. You can tell her how fabulous she looked without anything on when you were in some private resort.

Phone Sex
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Describe to her in detail how she shivered with frenzy when you had your tongue playing the inside of her, savoring her sensual sweetness. Beg her to swallow you whole, gulping down the last drop of your sweet juices. Wouldn’t you get electrified if you guide her gradually until both of you are ready to climax? You will be amazed at how full of lust the words that come out of your mouths are.

A word of advice though, avoid touching yourself before making a phone call. You might make the mistake of having an untimely orgasm. Just stay relaxed and imagine your partner lying next to you or whatever position you might think of that can be so stimulating. Think of the most recent lovemaking you had with your partner and when you’re ready, make the call.

Having a phone sex with your loved one is always an energizing thing. It could even be more exciting with an alluring Tamworth Escorts. For a hot sexcapade, these gorgeous vixen can give you mind-blowing phone sex destined to give you an experience like no other. Contact them now for a daring conversation.

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