Monday, June 10, 2013

Sydney Escorts NSW Shares 3 Sex Things that Can Turn Her Off

SydneyEscorts NSW advises guys out there who wish for their girlfriend or even wife have hyped up sexual desires; but then failed. You may never ask your girl but somehow there may be underlying reasons why her desire are turned off because she witnessed something that you did but just didn’t let you know. You see, some women tend to just be silent about these things.

So, are you going to blame her if you found out these common things that girls are turned off? The switch from hyped up desire to lowering their drives is dramatic and definitely gives impact to reduced excitement associated with sex.

That is why, we also asked from sexologists and sex therapists about the common things that a woman confides with them that can disappoint her with her man and make lust, affection and intimacy down to worse levels.

Turned off with Sex
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1. Ignoring her appearance

A man who is in a long term relationship with a woman should never ignore the way a woman looks. You know, women love to be complimented even with the simplest things. Telling her how appealing she looks can really boost her self-esteem.

2. Never pressure her especially on bed

When you are in the middle of doing the deed and you’re asking if she is coming or you are doing well with her or questioning her “orgasm”, it can definitely put her off. Do not pressure her to come in an instant. You see, women in general take long to orgasm and that’s a fact. In fact, guys don’t want to be pressured as well; so being pressured is a no-no during sex.

3. Using porn as a starter and a standard

It’s nice to be kinky and hot in bed, but if you expect your woman to go porn style then you better not to. What is important is that when you’re having sex, you keep everything real. Porn do not involve emotions and when you mean to say about love making, both of you are attracted to each other and are connected with each other because of emotions. Just because you saw these cool moves on porn hubs you expect to let your woman do it to you.

Advice is if you want to get it hot on bed, you and your woman should talk about it. Suggest things that she might give in and encourage her to be open on what she wants in bed. Both of you can work it out.

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