Monday, June 10, 2013

Sydney Escort Girls Turn Amorous Nights into Steamy Erotic Adventures

Want to go edgy with your partner and make your bed adventure kinkier than the usual vanilla? Turn your amorous nights into erotic ones. Make love to the fullest and try to do things like both of you have never done before. Do different positions and mess up your mattress really hard with these hot tips from renowned, gorgeous Sydney Escort Girls.

When you and your guy were about to do the deed, you can still be intimate at the same time kinky. It’s not just about knocking in between the sheets and legs tangled together. Intimacy and passion can still be kindled beyond the boudoir; somewhere and out there, both of you can fire up your desires.

According to sex therapist Kimberly Flemke, PhD, having sex not just in the four corners of the room improves your sex lives and relationship. Partners are pushed beyond their limits to get frisky somewhere unexpected and where they are not supposed to. The idea of it even encourages the couple to try it out and what it is to be like doing because of curiosity.

Kimberly Flemke, PhD, LMFT
Kimberly Flemke, PhD, LMFT

Often times, these things release hormones that helps in increasing the desire and passion. That is why to make your lovemaking more passionately erotic, we suggest that you and your partner try out sex in the unusual areas of your home that will both blow your mind.

Sex on the the Kitchen Table

1. Kitchen Counter or Dining Table

The kitchen and dining area offers couples easy access to home props. Yes, you and your partner should be creative on using the props. Food can also be tempting to use that you can suck, lick and nibble on your play.

Sex on the doorway
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2. Playing at the Doorway

Oh, if you want your partner to be surprised when he gets home, just put on a deadly stilettos and just be naked as his jaws drop when he sees you like that. Then grab on for a rough foreplay on the couch or in the stairs.

Couples Having Sex on Bathtub
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3. Wet and wet bath

It’s a seductive scene when you and your partner are taking a bath. It sends sensual shivers on the spine. Have a sex fest in the bath. Lather each other with scented jasmines or any intoxicating aroma that both of you can enjoy. This will let you experience unique sensations you’ve never experienced before as you explore each other’s body.

Launch PAd Sex Position

4. Mile High Thigh

Yes ladies, you read it right. When you are having sex, why don’t you put your legs and thigh high? It gives you more sensation plus your partner have a better view of your womanhood. Not only can she poke but she can give you a better stimulation as well.

Try these things out and you will surely have a worth spending erotic night. Looking for a hot partner to steam it off, and have erotic adventures with?  Visit Sydney Escort Girls today!

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