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Sydney Day Escorts: How Fantasies Help Improve Sexual Relationships

Sexual Fantasies for a healthier  relationship
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Fantasies or erotic fantasies play an important role especially in the sexual aspect of an individual. We all have fantasies; including those involved in flings and long term relationships. Yes, developing sexual fantasies even starts during puberty. It’s a universal phenomenon that stirs our sexuality and can create enhancement of our sexual arousal. Allow Sydney Day Escorts to guide you through the exploration of your fantasies and deepest desires.

If we let our imagination run free, sexual fantasy stems from the mental recollection or thoughts kept in our subconscious. It can be triggered by any stimuli or medium such as reading erotic stories, watching sensual scenes, listening to songs and having sexual attractions. Moreover, anything that triggers sexual arousal can create sexual fantasies.

So, how do sexual fantasies help in improving a healthy sexual relationship? We know that some of you might have asked and wondered if it does improve or ruin sexual relationship. Also, how do we know that if we tell our fantasies to our partner, it can turn them on? That’s why we interviewed sex therapists and psychologists about the impact of erotic fantasies in sexual relationships.

Sexual Fantasy
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One way to find out if your partner will be turned on by sexual fantasies is by sharing it. You just have to be open. Of course, it’s kind of risky but if you initiate an open communication with your partner and be honest on what you’re thinking, you can garner a good response. If he or she isn’t into it, then respect and ask what they think about it.

Sex experts advise people to be cautious in relaying their private sexual fantasies. Sometimes, it can backfire and people vary with regards to the acceptance about it due to lack of understanding.

In addition to the advice, sex experts encourage to establish mutual understandings before willingly revealing the fantasies. As what Dr. Barbara Bartlik suggests, float the idea in a general way. Talk about it casually and if you are watching a sensual scene in a movie or series, ask what your partner thinks about it.

It takes a lot of courage about being true to your fantasies. And as for the receivers of such news about your partner’s fantasies, we know that hearing it can be unnerving; but then, both of you can move forward peacefully if you air out honestly what you think about it. Maybe later on, you will find that sexual fantasy can be fun and a good approach to release sexual tension in a healthier way.

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