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Sydney Best Escorts: Behind the Stigma of HIV and AIDS

As a part of their work, Sydney Best Escorts make sure to protect themselves and their clients from sexually transmitted diseases. However, it is a fact that victims grow in number each day, and here is our say on the topic…
Sydney Best Escorts Practice Safe Sex
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We can never deny that since the discovery of HIV AIDS, society has condemned people having found out being positive with it. Individuals who have AIDS and HIV will get likely depressed, angered and deny about it and will sulk because of being oppressed. But if you were in their shoes, you’ll realize that support, compassion and unconditional love from groups and people close to them is what they need in order to still live as ‘normal’ individuals.

So, what’s behind all of these stigma and discrimination about HIV and AIDS? There are number of factors why people fear about it apart from any other STDs or sexually transmitted diseases and infections. In fact, the disease itself has huge impact and a challenge in health and medicine sector.

STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease
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Listed below are the factors considered why the disease is stigmatized and discriminated:

  •  HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a notorious and deadly disease that has instilled great fear to people all over the globe.
  • People get paranoid from engaging in casual contact with individuals positive of HIV like using the same utensils, touching a toilet seat, etc., much more if they are being near with the infected person.
  • Behaviors associated with acquiring the disease such as drug IV users and men having sex with men or having multiple sexual partners doing unprotected sex.
  • Some people who have little knowledge about the disease and its nature have believed that acquiring the disease is also the person’s fault. They believed it’s the result of moral weakness and irresponsibility and they deserve to be ostracized and punished.
  • The discrimination and stigma kindle fire with the epidemic. This leads to HIV and AIDS positive people to prevent themselves from being honestly open about their condition to their families, friends and special someone. They are afraid of being rejected and further give them worries about the confidentiality when they undergo tests.

Indifferences and unfair treatment are faced by HIV/AIDS positive people. Examples are:

  • An individual is denied access to medical care and can be treated differently
  •  Denied to any services and even jobs
  • Denied from fostering a child or adopt and even child custody
  • Experiences harassments e.g. job interview
  • Confidentiality at risk most especially when status is revealed in any institution like school, work or even in health care setting

With all of these things then, how can an HIV positive individual cope up with everything? Are their hopes totally lost?

Coping up with Discrimination and Stigma

This is quite hard although people who are positive with it had a hard time about opening up most especially to their families and support groups. One thing for sure that may be easy is to open up with a group of people who understands and whom can definitely trust. In fact, in this modern time, there has been a growing number of support groups established to render warm and friendly environment for people who are positive of HIV/AIDS.

Sydney Best Escorts practice safe sex and encourage everyone to do so too. We offer ultimate pleasure without the risks…

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