Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Escorts in Tasmania: Masturbation for Health

For the longest time, masturbation has been considered a taboo-- a socially unacceptable bad habit. It has been said that the act of masturbating carries with it negative connotations. More so, it was thought to be something performed only by lonely or desperate people.

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Not anymore! Nowadays, it is finally coming into good light.

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Experts believe that masturbating can be good for a man’s physical fitness and sexual health. Many have asked if masturbation can make your whole body tired, your legs weak and your thighs sore, does it?

To tune in to a sexual experience, professionals advice that you have to first turn off the parts of your brain that’s associated with stress and anxiety. Fantasizing is the most effective way to accomplish that. And what better way to gain a pleasurable experience, not alone but in the company of a stunning escort.

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun. A very good exercise for the body, masturbating keeps your sex organs in a healthy functioning condition. Males who often masturbate are said to be ‘fit’ than those who masturbate less. 

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Masturbation protects men againstthe most common kind of cancer, beat erectile dysfunction, and strengthen your immune system.


Science shows that frequent masturbation can prevent prostate cancer. That said, masturbating could get you to release toxins accumulated during a sexual activity. By this, your risk of developing cancer in the prostate area is greatly reduced.  

Health experts say that seminal fluid contains carcinogenic substances. The more you flush those harmful substances out, the less there is that could lend damage to the cells that line them.

You can masturbate as often as your body will allow you to. It is said that boys and men can masturbate up to 10 times a day without any undue effect. Nevertheless, you are warned about letting masturbation interfere with your normal healthy way of life or social interaction.

Hence, escorts in Tasmania not only think of your satisfaction. It also join hands with millions of men and with prostate cancer organizations around the world to support healthy living, thus its advocacy for safe and protected sex. 

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