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Bunbury Escorts Sex Diet Advise: Maximising the Benefits of Sex

Sex Diet with Bunbury Escorts
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Have you ever heard about the “sex diet” or does such thing exist? We all know that there are plenty of beneficial diets that help boost our health and make us fitter. There are also fad diets that, sadly, are solely meant to promote weight loss without any consideration of the health and even safety of the person practicing such program. Popularized by the media and used by hot celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cameron Diaz, “The Sex Diet” was introduced to the world; books and articles about it have even been published. Now the gorgeous escorts in Bunbury satisfy your hunger for more sexy information.

Fact is, the Bunbury escorts and a lot of other people believe in and are even continually enjoying the amazing health benefits of sex. Aside from being among the best, complete exercises anyone could get – it also releases body hormones that lessens depression and boosts immunity.  It helps in losing weight that even proves to burn a higher amount of calories than other activities, making it good for the heart. Moreover, studies show that intimacy in sex is one contributing factor in life longevity. It also improves the sexuality and amplifying the orgasmic response of people.

With this said, more and more people and even professionals are looking for ways to maximize the set of health benefits that this intimate activity offers. Aphrodisiacs, fruits and vegetables, and protein-rich foods have been said to have a huge impact on sex health. So, below the gorgeous escorts in Bunbury listed a variety of food that are sexologist, cardiologist and psychologist proven to improve sex health.
Sex Diet  GreenLeafy Vegetables
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1. Green and leafy vegetables like spinach, brussel sprouts, and cabbage – are good sources of folate which plays extra on reproductive health. These veggies are also good sources of magnesium that makes them good dilators to help promote good blood flow.
Sex Diet Peaches
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2. Peaches help in increasing the production of sperm. It contains ample amount of vitamin C that not only improves sperm count but motility as well.
Sex Diet Eggs
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3. Eggs cooked in any way: hard boiled, scrambled or whatever – are good sources of vitamin B6 and B5 which helps in the homeostasis (balance) of the hormone levels in men and women. It also eases stress and are very much essential on the improvement of libido.
Sex Diet Oysters
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4. Oysters, fishes and other seafood are good sources of iodine and zinc. It helps in improving levels and production of testosterone and enhances libido too.
Sex Diet Dark Chocolates
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5. Dark chocolate is incredibly sensual. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine that triggers the release of endorphins. Thus, consuming some will not only heighten up the happy mood but also boost the feelings of attraction.

In anyway, as long you are living healthy and fit, you will definitely experience healthy sex. For more tips and tricks for a pulsating intimacy and sex life, visit the Bunbury Escorts at

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